New West Ballet School

Ballet Enhancement Classes

Class Outline, Requirements, & Tuition

Ballet enhancement classes are designed to stretch and strengthen the dancer. By strengthening the core, the ballet dancer is able to enhance their classical ballet technique, giving additional stability, fluidity, and extension to these steps. These classes provided depth to the ballet training of our students. Tuition for ballet enhancement classes, if not included in base tuition rate, is an additional $25 per month per class. Class cards and drop-in rates apply as well.

To be eligible for ballet enhancement classes, all dancers must be registered in ballet classes with good attendance. Enhancement class availability varies by level, please see below for available electives for your dancer
  • Pilates - 1 hour Pilates class. 1x per week. Pilates is available to open students and students in Third Position and required for students in Fourth Position and higher. Pilates classes are designed to supplement daily ballet class by providing students with additional strength to improve core strength and stability. In addition, Pilates provides students with the ability to perform classical ballet steps more effortlessly by lengthening muscles and giving additional flexibility to the movement.
  • Stretch and Strengthen - 1 hour stretch and strength class. 1x per week. Stretch and Strengthen is open to adults and students in First Position or higher. It is required for students in Third Position and higher. Stretch and Strengthen classes are designed to improve core strength, increase stamina, and build flexibility. Stretch and Strengthen provides students with the ability to perform classical ballet steps more effortlessly by boosting strength while increasing range of motion to extensions.
  • Pointe Based Classes - Pre-Pointe and Beginning Pointe classes are designed to prepare students to dance en pointe. As the student advances, Pointe becomes part of the daily class routine. Beyond pointe work, classes in classical variations and pas de duex technique are a unique opportunity for the student to practice classical ballet movement en pointe. Pointe classes are on an individual level, as part of their technique class, and available by placement only for Fourth and Fifth Position dancers.

PLEASE NOTE: To inquire about eligibility for ballet enhancement classes, please see placement email or visit the front office. Third position dancers must enroll in Stretch and Strength and all fourth and fifth position dancers must enroll in Stretch and Strengthen and Pilates (unless otherwise directed by the director(s)).