New West Ballet School

Dress Code

NWB Dress Code

Our dress code bolsters our ability to provide high caliber ballet training by cultivating clarity for anatomical corrections, reducing unnecessary risk and distraction, facilitating focus and structure, and promoting unity and inclusion. NWB requires all dancers to attend prepared and in uniform. Dancers unprepared and/or not in uniform may by verbally warned, prescribed observation and note-taking instead of active participation in class, and/or prohibited from taking class.


Ballet and Open Ballet: Hair must be in a bun for ballet classes. Short hair may be pinned down and neatly off the face.

All Elective Classes: Hair must be secured in a ponytail when length permits.


NWB has partnered with Corps Dancewear and Discount Dance as our official uniform for the 2022-2023 school year. Uniforms will be enforced after the first week of classes and continue the duration of the school year. Please take a moment to read through essential ordering information for both of our studio uniform partners, locate your class below, and order your uniform ASAP. We encourage all students to wear their NWB uniform sooner than this date. Those without uniforms should wear appropriate plain class colors while they await their class uniform to arrive.
• PreBallet = Pink colored NWB leotards, pink/flesh colored tights, and pink/flesh-tone ballet slippers.
• Classical Level = Black colored NWB leotard, pink/flesh colored tights, and pink/flesh-tone ballet
• Gentleman Dancers – White NWB dance shirt, black tights, dance belt, and black ballet slippers.

Dancers not in class level appropriate NWB leotards, or appropriate plain leotards (while waiting for uniform to arrive) may be asked to sit and take notes or not attend class that day. Past NWB leotards are still appropriate to wear.

All Elective Classes: Level-appropriate colored NWB leotard, black tights or fitted legging/yoga pants or shorts. No loose legwear allowed.
  • Modern - bare feet
  • Lyrical/Jazz – flesh-toned half-soles
  • Character– t-strap black character shoes and character skirt
  • Contemporary Ballet - pointe shoes
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Performance Attire

NWBS requires uniform performance tights and shoes for all dancers (unless specified otherwise; e.g., principal artists, soloists, and/or male-presenting roles may vary and will be specified) to create professional unity. Performance tights and shoes should be new and free from tears, stains, dirt, etc.
Tights - Body Wrappers Convertible Seamed Mesh Tights in Ballet Pink Style No. A45 (Adult) or C45 (Child).
  • Ballet Slippers - Bloch “Prolite II Hybrid” Split Sole Ballet Slippers Style No. S0203L (Adult) or S0203G (Child)
  • Pointe Shoes - NWB requires “pancaked” performance pointe shoes to elongate the visual line of the legs by eliminating excessive satin shine. NWB recommends Covergirl Outlast All-Day Ultimate Finish Foundation, Ivory to pancake performance pointe shoes and ribbons to the same color as the performance tights. For a tutorial on how to pancake your pointe shoes please see

Additional attire requirements may be necessary depending on the production/respective roles. Additional requirements will be noted during performance preparations.


Please put your child’s name in all belongings, including leotards, tights, and shoes. NWB is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.
  • No costumes, skirts, or accessories are allowed.
  • No jewelry allowed (with the exception of small earring studs). All kind of jewelry can present a
  • distraction and a hazard in a dance class. External piercing/jewelry can get caught in clothing, hair skin of the dancer or fellow dancers and may cause injury. Jewelry can be a major hazard for the performer/classmate if it falls off during class/performance. Biomechanically, jewelry can change people’s balance. When partnering, wearing jewelry (even wedding bands) can seriously injure the dancer or their partner.
  • No underwear or diapers should be worn under the tights.
  • Do not wear your dance shoes outside of the studio. Please bring a change of shoes to wear to and from the studio.