New West Ballet School

Covid-19 Procedures

Covid-19 Update: Effective November 10, 2020

Due to San Diego County's movement back into the Purple Tier (Widespread), New West Ballet is conducting classes via Zoom only. Please email the office at to get a Zoom Link for class.

For more information:

Covid-19 Procedures

Prior to Arrival

*If you or anyone at home is sick or has been exposed to Covid-19 please stay home.
  • Use the restroom
  • Come dressed in your dance clothes
  • Have your hair done
  • Wash hands
  • Eat/Have a good snack
*The student lounge will not be available during this time. Studio doors will remain open (not bathroom) to cut down on touching stuff. A staff member will temperature check and offer hand sanitizer at the front door.

Drop Off Info - Parents

  • Parents in Classical Levels - Please drop off by the front door. No waiting in Lobby.
  • Parents in PreBallet 3/4 - Please drop off by the front door. They are welcome to wait in cars close by for just in case scenarios.
  • Parents in PrePre, PreBallet 1/2 - May enter with children and remain in the lobby if wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

Drop Off Info - Students

Classical Level Students
  • Please enter w/ mask through the lobby only and go directly to studio after temperature check.
  • Bring all your items into the studio and place them by the mirror 6-10 feet apart
  • Stay Socially Distant as you warm up for class and stay 6-10 feet apart in a marked box.

PreBallet Students
  • Please enter through the lobby and go directly to your studio
  • Bring your water bottle and stuff and find a golden dot to put stuff on
  • Pick a dot in a square to sit on. Stay in center of taped square.

In Class

  • Masks on inside studio, can go to “breathing pen” at any time keeping socially distant
  • No Hugs or High Fives
  • No Sharing of anything: Warmups, shoes, water bottles...etc.
  • Students will not be participating in Pas de Deux or partnering of any kind
  • No holding hands or Ring around the Rosie type activities
  • Maintain Social Distancing throughout the lesson, stay in center of taped square
  • No food or snacks. Water only

Exiting the Studio

From Studio A (big one)
  • Students will be offered hand sanitizer
  • Dancers will exit and be picked up by the door/bay door (roll up door) while maintaining
  • proper social distance.
  • Dancers must take all belongings home. All forgotten items will be tossed

From Studio B (small one)
  • Students will be offered hand sanitizer
  • Dancers must take all belongings home. All forgotten items will be tossed
  • Dancers will exit and be picked up by the side door
Parents of PreBallet Students
  • Please stand in designated spots on floor by the door so we can let your child go safely into the parking lot. Children will not be released out of the door without a pickup person visible.
  • If you are already in the Lobby-Please enter the studio when prompted to pick up student and leave out the side/bay door.

  • Please be on time for pick up so we don’t have to many people lingering in one space.
Your health and safety is NWB’s top concern. We are happy to be back in this capacity and we want to keep our dance family safe. Thank you and welcome back to dancing!