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At New West Ballet each student is part of an developmental curriculum of study. Classical ballet has evolved over the past 400 years, and continues to change even today. There are historical styles and methods that are the center of the program.

Pre-Dance starts at the age of 12 Months. These levels include Baby and Me, Creative Movement, and Ballet.

Classical levels start at the age of 8. These levels include an introduction to basic ballet concepts through advanced technique. Pointe work is introduced in the upper intermediate levels, when the student is attending ballet class three or more times per week.

Ballet enhancement classes are designed to stretch and strengthen the dancer. By strengthening the core, the ballet dancer is able to enhance their classical ballet technique, giving additional stability, fluidity, and extension to these steps. These classes provided depth to the ballet training of our students.

Elective classes are designed to enhance the student’s ballet technique by increase flexibility of movement by including other genres of dance movement into the classical ballet training. In addition, these classes help the versatility of our dancers. That is, these classes give breadth to the ballet training of our students.

In addition to its professional training in classical ballet, New West Ballet offers other recreational classes for our adults, babies, and teens ranging from beginners to retired professionals.

Please visit the class level pages for more information and schedule for the level.

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Dress Code

All levels must have their hair in a bun for ballet classes. Ladies with short hair should have the sides pinned down and off their face. Gentlemen’s hair should be neatly off the face. For all other dance genres, ladies please secure hair in a ponytail.

Please put child’s name in all belongings, including leotards, tights, and shoes. No costumes, skirts, or jewelry are allowed. In addition, no underwear should be worn under the tights (diapers ok for non-potty trained students below the age of 3).


Ballet: NWB School Leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers.

• Pre Ballet Levels = Pink
• Classical Ballet Levels = Black

Modern/Pilates/Yoga: NWB School leotard with black tights or legging/tight yoga pants. Bare feet.
Lyrical/Jazz: NWB School leotard with black tights or legging/tight yoga pants. Bloch “Eclipse” Leather Half Soles

Ballet: Black tights and a white t-shirt. Black ballet slippers
Modern, Lyrical/Jazz, Pilates, and Stretch: T-shirt and workout pants or shorts.

All NWB Uniforms are available online at

Select your class from the drop down menu and click view
  • PrePre, Pre I, Pre II, Pre III, or Pre IV Ballet = Choose Pre-Dance
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th position = choose Classical Levels
  • Company member = choose Company
  • Boy/Men = Choose Boys and Men
  • Contemporary, Lyrical/Jazz, Pilates/PBT, or Stretch and Strength = choose Electives

PLEASE NOTE: For our shows, we require female ballet dancers to wear specific brand tights and shoes:
• Tights - Body Wrappers Convertible Seamed Mesh Tights in Ballet Pink – Style No. A45 (adult) or C45 (child)
• Ballet Slippers - Bloch “Prolite II Hybrid” Split Sole Ballet Slippers - Style No. S0203G (child) or S0203L (adult)
Male dancers should inquire with the director(s) as to performance specifics of tights and shoes as these will vary by costume.

If ordering through please use the studio code: TP69533.